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Since an early age, when he lent a helping hand to his father –an ironmaster by profession-, Salem OMRANE has cherished into his head the idea of creating a metal work factory one day. Having obtained a long and varied experience as technical head and as the company principal, and given the urgent needs of a country under construction, Salem OMRANE did not hesitate to set up in Sfax, Tunisia an industrial unit for the manufacture of cutting tools for wood and metals. . Thus, Omrane Salem and Co. Company, commonly known under the name “OmSa”, was born in 1981.
The range of production has expanded and diversified over time through the incorporation of carbide blades and of other tools for sawing marble and various types of stones.
Since its creation, “OmSa” has had several control instruments at different stages of the production of each of its products in order to ensure quality as high and efficient as that of large multinationals.
Both the relationship between the founder and various European manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials and the annual participation in several specialized fairs have allowed “OmSa” to gain a head start by automating its machines. The numerous workshops with world specialists, the exchange of experience and, above all, the establishment of an autonomous laboratory allowed the company to develop its own references and to use an adequate raw material that meets international standards.